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The Unique Biology of a Palm Tree

Question: Doc, I see large palm trees being transported down the highways with no leaves and no roots. I know they must be planted somewhere, but how do they survive? – D. Myers Doc’s Answer: Palm trees are not trees at all. In fact they are more closely related to grass than trees. Palms have… Read more »

Avoid Ticks on Pets While Hiking

Question: Doc, How can I keep the ticks off my family and dog when we go hiking? – Martin R. Doc’s Answer: Try to keep the animals and family away from bushes and shrubs. “Doc” American Lawn and Tree Arborists

Stop Voles from Returning Each Year

Question: Doc, We had voles in our yard last winter. Will they return again this year? If so, what can be done to stop them? – Kenny L. Doc’s Answer: Voles are an outside animal that resembles a large mouse except their tails are short and their ears are mostly hidden by thick fur. They… Read more »

Humane Methods for Removing a Bat

Question: Doc, Is there any humane was too get bats out of the loft in the garage? - Jerome B. Doc’s Answer: Yes indeed. A professional pest management technician who is trained in critter control can install one-way devices so the bats can get out butt not back in. After all the bats have been “locked… Read more »

Apartment Roach Infestations

Question: Doc, I live in an apartment and I have roaches, as do the people that like next door to me. My apartment has been sprayed but the roaches are still there. What can I do? - B. Hanson. Doc’s Answer: Roaches in apartments are always difficult to control because they move from one unit to… Read more »

How to Protect Your Kitchen from Bug Invasions

Question: Doc, Where do all these bug come from that invade my kitchen? – April B. Doc’s Answer: Insects in a kitchen are usually there for two reasons…food and water. Most bugs, insects, eat our food and all need extra moisture (water) throughout their lives. “Doc” American Lawn and Tree Arborists

How to Keep your Neighbors Moles Out of your Yard!

Question: Doc, My neighbor has moles. How can I keep them out of my yard? - Amanda S. Doc’s Answer: There is no sure way to protect against mole infestations.  There are, however, several hose end compounds available at nurseries and garden centers.  Drench a strip approximately 10’ to 20’ wide around the perimeters, follow the… Read more »

Can Fleas Travel on Mice?

Question: Doc, Can my home get infested with fleas from mice? – G. Walters Doc’s Answer: Absolutely!  It is not necessary to have pets in order to become infested with fleas in your home.  One can bring them in on shoes, pant cuffs, etc.  In addition to dog fleas, there are also cat fleas, European… Read more »