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Bedbugs Policy Change in Florida – Department of Business and Professional Regulations

Bedbugs Still a Problem Florida hotels are changing their inspection policies to actively let inspectors into rooms to search for bedbugs. A new policy by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Division of Hotels and Restaurants, which provides for inspections, formal warnings and a prohibition on renting bed bug infested rooms is being instituted…. Read more »

EEK!!! The leaves on my flowering trees have already fallen off!

Chronic Apple Scab Flowering crabs throughout the midwest usually drop their leaves early due to a disease called Venturia inequalis commonly known as chronic apple scab. The disease is most severe when humidity is high and temperatures are moderate during spring and early summer. Host plants include nearly all apple and flowering crab trees as… Read more »

Can I Grow Palm Trees Where I Live?

Palms Can Grow in Northern States! Palms are grown all over the world. Canada serves a Northern reference point and many types of palm trees can grow there. The main factors affecting hardiness are the minimum winter temperature, the number of hours of cold every winter, the amount of heat every summer, and the relative… Read more »

Problems with Sod WebWorms in Florida Lawns

Tropical Sod Webworms Attack Of all the “Lepidoptera” lawn pests in Florida, the tropical sod webworm is the most damaging. It can attack all specie of lawns along the entire gulf coast of the United States. Most damage occurs in fall. Symptoms include browning spots about the size of a quarter. As the infestation worsens,… Read more »

Benefits Of Mulch – Mulch is a Wonderful Thing!

Trees growing in a natural forest environment have their roots anchored in a rich, well-aerated soil full of essential nutrients. The soil is blanketed by leaves and organic materials that replenish nutrients and provide an optimal environment for root growth and mineral uptake. Urban landscapes, however, are typically a much harsher environment with poor soils,… Read more »

Yellow Jacket Season is Approaching

Yellow Jacket Season According to Howard Russel, Michigan State University Diagnostic Services, late summer is the time when problems with yellow jackets peak.  Late summer is when they rear next year’s queens so they tend to be less tolerant towards those of us that venture too close.  Also, queen rearing requires sugars and not protein… Read more »