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German Cockroach – The Troublesome Pest!

“The Commercial Roach” These insects are about 1/2” to 5/8” long when mature. They are found throughout the country and are extremely difficult to control because the female successfully raises the young which mature rapidly and reproduce. Some infestations are in the thousands in a very short time – Also known as the commercial roach,… Read more »

Can Trees Really Bleed?

Question: Doc, I have a huge shade tree in my front yard that is bleeding from a scratch. What does it need? – Jerry from Toledo, OH Doc’s Answer: Jerry, you have described slime flux, a bacterial infection common in Elms. It is usually not serious for the tree. “Doc” American Lawn and Tree Arborists

Are Lichens Harmful to My Trees?

Question: Doc, Are my trees getting sick? They have greyish green patches on their bark. – Marcy F. Doc’s Answer: No – the growths you described are called LICHENS pronounced “Likens” and they do not harm trees. Lichens are a combination of green algae and fungi that live together symbiotically. The algae, a microscopic green… Read more »