Monthly Archives: November 2009

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Continues to Spread Despite Quarantines

Ash Trees: Beware! The Emerald Ash Borer has now been discovered in West Virginia, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. New quarantines are being established by USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service. (APHIS). This borer, first discovered in Michigan in 2004 threatens to destroy the entire Ash species. Prevention is only possible with pesticide treatments prior to… Read more »

The Asian Longhorn Beetle is Out of Control in Massachusetts!

Proposal to Spray Insecticides Declined Safe Lawns Foundation and Toxic Actions Center said absolutely not to a proposal to spray a million gallons on insecticide to a million acres to combat the out of control Asian Longhorn Beetle. They did allow the USDA forest to direct a trunk injection program which began in September.

“Thousand Cankers Disease” – More Bad Bug News for Tree Owners

“Bad Bugs” Usually in my reports about “bad bugs” and trees the culprit is some exotic import. Not this time. A tiny native walnut twig beetle found in California, Arizona, and New Mexico known as “Pityophorus juglanois” was first discovered in 1959 as just another bark beetle, has recently been associated with the death of… Read more »

Green Planet Out of the Question?

Heck No! Energy efficiency, alternative fuels, reusable energy, grid management, energy storage, conservation, climate managing and many more are out there waiting for us to explore and we can create quality jobs while doing it. Let’s get started! “Doc” American Lawn and Tree Arborists