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Leaf Cutter Ants Fertilize Their Farms

“Ant Farmers” use Bacteria to Garden Ants have a green thumb? According to an article in Scientific Magazine, ant farmers, like their human counterparts, depend on nitrogen fixing bacteria to make their gardens grow. It’s amazing how many human methods are already being used by animals! “Doc” American Pest Control

Bed Bugs Have Been Making a Big Comeback!

Detroit Bed Bugs¬†Training Event As many of you know, the bed bugs have been making a big comeback. The Michigan Pest Control Association (MPCA) has been working with the Michigan Department of Community Health, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Michigan Bed Bug Work Group to put together a training program for public officials, general public,… Read more »

Fines for too tall grass could rise to $1,000.00 per day!

Florida Grass Code Violation Fines Jupiter Florida: A plan to quadruple the current maximum of $250.00 per day fine for grass code violations. The Jupiter town council is considering the increase this month. Council member Robert Freidman said higher penalties are needed to deter flagrant violators. State law allows communities to increase state regulations after… Read more »

Bed Bugs Are Going To School

Bed Bugs School Infestations Rising Bed Bugs are on the rise in schools. An exact number of infestations can’t be determined, but the bed bug problems have gotten worse and infestations are becoming more common. Last week in New York, P.S. 163 (an Upper West Side school) had bed bugs again!! There have been repeated… Read more »

Will Propoxur be Used for the Control of Bed Bugs?

New ammunition for bed bug control? Maybe!! The Association of Pest Control Regulations Officials (ASPCRO) is encouraging the approval of the section 18 request submitted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture for three formulations of Propoxur for the control of bed bugs. ASPCRO is a professional association composed of the structural pest control regulatory officials… Read more »

Bed Bugs Invade Metro Detroit

S.E. Michigan is worried about bed bugs!!! S.E. Michigan will hold a bed bug workshop on December 14, 2009. Topics covered will be health concerns, bed bug biology, inspection, best management practices in multi unit housing pesticide use and regulations, local code and housing authority. For more information please contact Doc Pickhardt at