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Poison Ivy Season – Avoid the Rash

It is spring time and once again it is time for cleaning of yards, debris from winter and just general clean up around your property. Time for Poison Ivy again! A few key facts about poison ivy to keep in mind: The rash is caused by oil, Urushiol Urushiol is present in ALL parts of… Read more »

Carpenter Ants – Common Michigan Pests

Carpenter Ants, a common problem for many U.S. households are difficult to control, therefore cause a large number of callbacks for pest control operators. On warm spring days, carpenter ant presence may be apparent when swarms of large winged ants hover near windows or wingless ants forage through kitchens and pantries. Structural damage may occur… Read more »

The Evil Weevil – Pantry Pests

FROM THE DESK OF DOC PICKHARDT Sometimes found in the home, it is good to be aware of rice weevils that infest dried beans, acorns, chestnuts, birdseed, sunflower seeds, and macaroni that may be stored in your cupboard. Rice weevils penetrate and feed on the internal portions of whole grains during the larval stage, making… Read more »

Bed Bug Tips When Traveling

When traveling: Check your hotel bed mattress for bed bugs. Look in the seams of the mattress and box spring. Look behind the headboard, and pull out the drawers and check the seams underneath the drawers. Report any bugs to the manager and move to another room, but not next door, directly above or below… Read more »

All About Bed Bugs – Facts

BedBug Facts Wingless insects of the family cimicidae. Small, flat, oval, reddish-brown body. Adults are about the size of an apple seed. Feed on human and animal blood. Active at night and bite any areas of exposed skin. Can infest a home and hide in crevices or cracks around beds or furniture. While some bites… Read more »


Nearly eradicated in the United States 50 years ago, resistant strains of “super” bedbugs are infesting mattresses at an alarming rate. In what’s being touted as the biggest mystery in entomology, all 50 states are reporting outbreaks of the blood-sucking nocturnal critters. Pest control companies nationwide reported a 71 percent increase in bedbug calls between… Read more »