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Can Trees Really Bleed?

Question: Doc, I have a huge shade tree in my front yard that is bleeding from a scratch. What does it need? – Jerry from Toledo, OH Doc’s Answer: Jerry, you have described slime flux, a bacterial infection common in Elms. It is usually not serious for the tree. “Doc” American Lawn and Tree Arborists

Are Lichens Harmful to My Trees?

Question: Doc, Are my trees getting sick? They have greyish green patches on their bark. – Marcy F. Doc’s Answer: No – the growths you described are called LICHENS pronounced “Likens” and they do not harm trees. Lichens are a combination of green algae and fungi that live together symbiotically. The algae, a microscopic green… Read more »

The Unique Biology of a Palm Tree

Question: Doc, I see large palm trees being transported down the highways with no leaves and no roots. I know they must be planted somewhere, but how do they survive? – D. Myers Doc’s Answer: Palm trees are not trees at all. In fact they are more closely related to grass than trees. Palms have… Read more »

Avoid Ticks on Pets While Hiking

Question: Doc, How can I keep the ticks off my family and dog when we go hiking? – Martin R. Doc’s Answer: Try to keep the animals and family away from bushes and shrubs. “Doc” American Lawn and Tree Arborists

Stop Voles from Returning Each Year

Question: Doc, We had voles in our yard last winter. Will they return again this year? If so, what can be done to stop them? – Kenny L. Doc’s Answer: Voles are an outside animal that resembles a large mouse except their tails are short and their ears are mostly hidden by thick fur. They… Read more »

Humane Methods for Removing a Bat

Question: Doc, Is there any humane was too get bats out of the loft in the garage? - Jerome B. Doc’s Answer: Yes indeed. A professional pest management technician who is trained in critter control can install one-way devices so the bats can get out butt not back in. After all the bats have been “locked… Read more »