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Citrus Fruit Disfigurement – Are They Safe To Eat?

Unsightly Fruit and Vegetables Disfigurement of fruit is caused by temperature, nourishment, fungus and water supply. Even though the fruit may appear unsightly, there is no danger when you consume the fruit. The French supermarket chain Intermarché has even gone to the lengths to make shoppers see the inner beauty in scarred, disfigured, or otherwise… Read more »

Organic Lawn Care – Lawn Services Are Changing!

Organic Lawn Care’s Future Let’s face it, the professional lawn care companies have never really embraced the concept because in spite of earlier claims from suppliers, customers complained about not being as green or beautiful as their neighbors. Things are changing! This year Rutgers offered a class on organic options for turf managers as a… Read more »

Fines for too tall grass could rise to $1,000.00 per day!

Florida Grass Code Violation Fines Jupiter Florida: A plan to quadruple the current maximum of $250.00 per day fine for grass code violations. The Jupiter town council is considering the increase this month. Council member Robert Freidman said higher penalties are needed to deter flagrant violators. State law allows communities to increase state regulations after… Read more »