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Cockroach Allergy and Asthma

Can Cockroaches Cause Allergic Symptoms? Cockroaches are big business for your local exterminator. They have the ability to shut down restaurants, businesses and can invade your home. Asthma and allergies are the most common diseases associated with cockroach infestations. Some people develop allergy symptoms when they are around cockroaches. Additionally one in five children in… Read more »

Moles and Voles – Which is it?

Control these Unwanted Pests in Michigan & Florida! Moles damage our beautiful (and expensive) lawns by burrowing under and in the root systems of lawns and gardens. They eat mostly worms and sometimes grubs but rarely feed on grass. However, their burrowing kills the grass leaving ugly scars and mounds. Voles also burrow under ground… Read more »

EPA “Mega Suit” Pesticides and Endangered Species

The Environmentalist Activist Groups are at it again We at American consider ourselves environmentalists in fact it’s part of our logo. But now, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) is threatening to sue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for failing to consider the effects of almost 400 pesticides on more than 800 endangered species that… Read more »

Michigan Bed Bug Workshop – Summary of Bed Bug Topics

As promised here is a summary of the recent southeastern Michigan bed bug workshop from December 14, 2009. Bed Bug Workshop Sponsors The workshop was sponsored by Michigan Association of Housing Officials, City of Detroit’s Buildings and Safety Engineering Department and the Michigan Bed Bug Working Group. Speakers included: Karla Henderson – City of Detroit,… Read more »