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Florida Dooryard Citrus – Protect Your Plants from Huanglongbing (Citrus Greening)

Treatment for the Asian Citrus Psyllio Insect Huanglongbing (citrus greening) is a bacteria spread by the saliva of an insect called the Asian Citrus Psyllio. This disease can also be known as yellow dragon disease and is one of the most dangerous citrus plant diseases in the world. Treatment for your dooryard citrus will require… Read more »

DECAY IN TREES CAN BE DANGEROUS! – Consult with your Local Arborist

ISA Recommends Yearly Tree Inspections A sound tree becomes potentially dangerous when the trees woody structure is weakened by one or more defects including decayed wood, cracks, weak branch unions, cankers, poor tree architecture and dead tree tops and branches. Healthy well maintained trees growing on suitable sites will be able to lessen the extent… Read more »

“Thousand Cankers Disease” – More Bad Bug News for Tree Owners

“Bad Bugs” Usually in my reports about “bad bugs” and trees the culprit is some exotic import. Not this time. A tiny native walnut twig beetle found in California, Arizona, and New Mexico known as “Pityophorus juglanois” was first discovered in 1959 as just another bark beetle, has recently been associated with the death of… Read more »

EEK!!! The leaves on my flowering trees have already fallen off!

Chronic Apple Scab Flowering crabs throughout the midwest usually drop their leaves early due to a disease called Venturia inequalis commonly known as chronic apple scab. The disease is most severe when humidity is high and temperatures are moderate during spring and early summer. Host plants include nearly all apple and flowering crab trees as… Read more »

Can I Grow Palm Trees Where I Live?

Palms Can Grow in Northern States! Palms are grown all over the world. Canada serves a Northern reference point and many types of palm trees can grow there. The main factors affecting hardiness are the minimum winter temperature, the number of hours of cold every winter, the amount of heat every summer, and the relative… Read more »

Benefits Of Mulch – Mulch is a Wonderful Thing!

Trees growing in a natural forest environment have their roots anchored in a rich, well-aerated soil full of essential nutrients. The soil is blanketed by leaves and organic materials that replenish nutrients and provide an optimal environment for root growth and mineral uptake. Urban landscapes, however, are typically a much harsher environment with poor soils,… Read more »