Dayna Recchia with BI Worldwide

To Whom It May Concern:

I had a visit from one of your employees a few weeks ago from the Michigan branch. Her name was Mary. She was the most professional, personable, genuine and sincere person I have ever met.

We inquired with many companies about our tree and shrub problems. Mary was the most knowledgeable, earnest, and authentic and one of the most incredible people I have ever spoke with. She took the time to completely explain in technical and laments term everything from beginning to end with almost every tree and shrub on our property. We do not have a small piece of property. She never made us feel stupid or uneducated. In fact, she offered choices, options and solutions from the cheap to the most expensive. She did not talk at us, she talked with us.

She took her time and went through everything with a fine tooth comb. Including digging down into roots, climbing into the shrubs, walking the property and investigating anything and everything possible to get a correct annalist of our trees and shrubs. She felt like a member of the family when she left. I and my family cannot say enough good things about Mary. She really cares about the environment, the earth and us as customers.

Thank you for having such wonderful employees as Mary. We have passed along your business information to friend and family and that is all due to Mary and her professionalism and her all around being a good person.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
Dayna Recchia
Production Coordinator
BI Worldwide

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