White Tailed Deer – How to Prevent and Control Deer

Look mommy we have a deer in our back yard!!

What used to be a pleasant interlude has become a disaster in many landscapes today. Deer damage many of our beautiful landscape plants by feeding on them especially because of the large herds we now have. They also cause damage by “bedding down” in bushes and cause considerable damage by rubbing the velvet off their antlers after they are fully grown.

Deer are usually nocturnal feeders but often will feed in the daytime. Because deer do not have upper incisors (front teeth) they must tear their food from the plant causing additional damage.

Deer Repellants

In recent years several companies have developed deer repellants some of which are excellent deterrents. They are usually applied by landscapers and arborists using power equipment. If you are already an American Four Seasons client you can easily add deer repellency to your program. If you would like only deer repellency I recommend using our organic treatment 4 times per year.

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Troy, Michigan

Asian Lady Beetles are Getting in My Michigan Home

Introducing the Asian Lady Bug

Asian Lady Bug

This is the time of the year when lady bugs can become a problem indoors. A rather new exotic insect called the Asian lady beetle moved into homes last fall to over winter in void spaces and attics. Now, since the sun is warming their hiding places, they are trying to get back outside to continue their life cycle.

Basically, these are beneficial insects that feed on aphids and other bad guy bug in the landscape. But when confined in large numbers (usually thousands) the become allergens to sensitive people. If you experience Asian lady bugs in your home this year have your home protected next fall by a professional pest management specialist.

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Detroit Bed Bug Company in Metro Detroit – Bed Bugs Control

How to Kill Bed Bugs

It’s tough to kill bed bugs on your own. Learn how to avoid a bed bug epidemic and rid yourself from unwanted bed bugs.

After you select a licensed, certified pest management professional (PMP) you should:

  • Remove clutter as it provides hiding places for bed bugs.
  • Wash all bedding in recommended water settings. Place all bedding (sheets, mattress covers, bed spreads etc. in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Vacuum and dispose of vacuum bag outside the home or rinse the collection bag before re-installing if possible.
  • Empty dresser drawers and closets and wash and/or dry clean according to manufacturers recommendations and then place in sealed plastic bags.
  • Do not bring home new furniture until bed bugs are completely eliminated (usually 2 or more treatments by the PMP).
  • Consult a PMP before disposing of furniture.

Bud Bug Apartment Dwellers

  • The faster you act the better the results will be. When you spot bed bugs immediately call your landlord.
  • If your landlord doesn’t take action contact your local Housing Code Authority.
  • Don’t try to solve the problem yourself.
  • Keep your home clean and litter free.
  • Carefully follow the pest management professionals advise and recommendations.

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Michigan Bed Bug Workshop – Summary of Bed Bug Topics

As promised here is a summary of the recent southeastern Michigan bed bug workshop from December 14, 2009.

Bed Bug Workshop Sponsors

The workshop was sponsored by Michigan Association of Housing Officials, City of Detroit’s Buildings and Safety Engineering Department and the Michigan Bed Bug Working Group.

Speakers included:

Karla Henderson – City of Detroit, Buildings and Safety Engineering
Erik Foster – Michigan Department of Community Health
Andy Murdock – Michigan Pest Management Association
Brian Rowe – Michigan Department of Agriculture
Gary Offenbacker – Property Managers Association of Michigan
Howard Asch – Michigan Association of Housing Officials
Kim James and Steve Leggat – City of Detroit, Buildings and Safety Engineering

The main take away message in my view was pro-active cooperation between all affected parties.

The speakers could not have been better chosen each one was an expert in his or her field.

Bed Bug Topics Covered:

Do bed bugs cause disease?
Where do bed bugs come from?
How do homes become infested with bed bugs?
How can you tell if your residence is infested with bed bugs?
What should you do if you find bed bugs?
What are your rights and obligations concerning bed bugs?
What you shouldn’t do if you have bed bugs?
How can you have bed bug specimens examined?
What should you know abut bed bug insecticides?
What might you do when returning from a bed bug infested residence?
How to inspect for bed bugs?
How to hire a bed bug pest control company?

If you would like more information on any of these subjects contact Doc at info@theamericanlawnandtreearborist.com.

Caribbean, Brown, Hairy or Raspberry Crazy Ant – Which is it?

More Invasive Ants in the South!

Known as the Caribbean, brown, hairy or raspberry crazy ant. This new problem has been identified in Florida, Texas and Mississippi.The exact name and classification of this ant is still not known. Standard treatment do not work because of the huge numbers of ants. It has been estimated a single nest underground may be as large as a small house. If you see hundreds of small ants scurrying in erotic directions… It’s time to call a professional.

Raspberry Crazy Ant Infestation

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Tiny Fire Ant – Hawaiian Island Infestation – Maui, Kauai

Invasive Ant Problems in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Kauai are infested with an extremely invasive ant species known as the “Tiny Fire Ant“. The Tiny Fire Ant lives in areas similar to the red fire ant, but can also live in trees. This makes control a nightmare. I hope this sub tropical species does not migrate to the continental US, we already have enough trouble with our native species.

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Leaf Cutter Ants Fertilize Their Farms

“Ant Farmers” use Bacteria to Garden

Ants have a green thumb? According to an article in Scientific Magazine, ant farmers, like their human counterparts, depend on nitrogen fixing bacteria to make their gardens grow. It’s amazing how many human methods are already being used by animals!

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American Pest Control Offers Winter Discount

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Bed Bugs Have Been Making a Big Comeback!

Detroit Bed Bugs Training Event

As many of you know, the bed bugs have been making a big comeback. The Michigan Pest Control Association (MPCA) has been working with the Michigan Department of Community Health, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Michigan Bed Bug Work Group to put together a training program for public officials, general public, housing authorities and others. The program is designed to be an informational training on bed bugs including their biology, how to inspect for them and some of the current treatments available for their control.

The first of these meetings is being held in Detroit on December 14th 2009. There are plans in the works to consider doing 2 other training sessions in Grand Rapids and Lansing areas. I have been invited as a participant in this event and will keep everyone informed on the details once I have further information.

- Doc

Fines for too tall grass could rise to $1,000.00 per day!

Florida Grass Code Violation Fines

Jupiter Florida: A plan to quadruple the current maximum of $250.00 per day fine for grass code violations. The Jupiter town council is considering the increase this month. Council member Robert Freidman said higher penalties are needed to deter flagrant violators.

State law allows communities to increase state regulations after their population exceeds 50,000 and Jupiter now has 50,275.

WOW! Could this be a new trend?