Bed Bugs Are Going To School

Bed Bugs School Infestations Rising

Bed Bugs are on the rise in schools. An exact number of infestations can’t be determined, but the bed bug problems have gotten worse and infestations are becoming more common.

Last week in New York, P.S. 163 (an Upper West Side school) had bed bugs again!! There have been repeated outbreaks during the latest school year. A growing number of schools across the country are dealing unsuccessfully with the bed bug problem. The bed bugs come into schools from infested homes on children’s clothing etc.

In hopes to reduce the costly extermination fees, the PTA and teachers bought bags so students and teachers can protect their belongings.

Will Propoxur be Used for the Control of Bed Bugs?

New ammunition for bed bug control? Maybe!!

The Association of Pest Control Regulations Officials (ASPCRO) is encouraging the approval of the section 18 request submitted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture for three formulations of Propoxur for the control of bed bugs.

ASPCRO is a professional association composed of the structural pest control regulatory officials of many of the 50 states.

Section 18 of Federal pesticide act allows for the special use permit of a pesticide for a specific use. In this case to control bed bugs.

Stay Tuned!!

Bed Bugs Invade Metro Detroit

S.E. Michigan is worried about bed bugs!!!

S.E. Michigan will hold a bed bug workshop on December 14, 2009. Topics covered will be health concerns, bed bug biology, inspection, best management practices in multi unit housing pesticide use and regulations, local code and housing authority.

For more information please contact Doc Pickhardt at

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Continues to Spread Despite Quarantines

Ash Trees: Beware!

The Emerald Ash Borer has now been discovered in West Virginia, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. New quarantines are being established by USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service. (APHIS).

This borer, first discovered in Michigan in 2004 threatens to destroy the entire Ash species. Prevention is only possible with pesticide treatments prior to heavy infestation. Quarantines do not appear to be working.

The Asian Longhorn Beetle is Out of Control in Massachusetts!

Proposal to Spray Insecticides Declined

Safe Lawns Foundation and Toxic Actions Center said absolutely not to a proposal to spray a million gallons on insecticide to a million acres to combat the out of control Asian Longhorn Beetle. They did allow the USDA forest to direct a trunk injection program which began in September.

“Thousand Cankers Disease” – More Bad Bug News for Tree Owners

“Bad Bugs”

Usually in my reports about “bad bugs” and trees the culprit is some exotic import. Not this time. A tiny native walnut twig beetle found in California, Arizona, and New Mexico known as “Pityophorus juglanois” was first discovered in 1959 as just another bark beetle, has recently been associated with the death of walnut trees all along the west coast as far north as Washington and Oregon, as for east as Idaho and Utah.

The little critter doesn’t do much harm, but it is suspected it carries a new disease coined “thousand cankers disease.” There is concern that the disease itself is exotic and that it may spread east to the white (English) walnut industry (where our edible walnuts are grown) and to the Black walnut trees of the northeast praised for its wood in veneers and furniture. So far No control is known… Stay tuned.

Protect your Evergreens with Anti-desiccants to Prevent Winter Damage

Winter is coming along with deer, rabbits and cold winds.

Fall Special:

Let us protect your evergreens with anti-desiccants to prevent winter damage and we will treat your evergreens with deer repellant for FREE!

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American Lawn and Tree Arborist

The Oriental Cockroach – Cockroach Management Programs

Public Facility Invaders!

The male Oriental roach is approximately 1 inch long and females are approximately 1 ¼ “long.  They are a dark red brown to black when mature.  The nymphs (young) are light brown but darken with age.  The male wings cover only about 75% of the body and the females only have small wing pods. 

Oriental cockroaches are not common pest in homes.   They can be abundant in sewers and commercial facilities, e.g. prisons, restaurants, hospitals, office and apartment buildings.   Indoors, in homes, they can become abundant in damp secluded places such as crawl-spaces, basements and drains.  They can over winter outside even in cold climates, where they live in, leaf litter, ground covers, under stones and other debris. 

Cockroach Management

As with other cockroaches management programs should include seal up, caulking, sanitation such as removing their habitat as example, stored boxes etc…  Baits and pesticide applications can be useful in their control.  To find out more about our cockroach management programs, request a free consultation.