All About Bed Bugs – Facts

BedBug Facts

  • Wingless insects of the family cimicidae.
  • Small, flat, oval, reddish-brown body. Adults are about the size of an apple seed.
  • Feed on human and animal blood.
  • Active at night and bite any areas of exposed skin.
  • Can infest a home and hide in crevices or cracks around beds or furniture.
  • While some bites may go unnoticed, bites may also result in localized swelling and itching, and the areas may become inflamed or infected when scratched.
  • Are not believed to transmit diseases to humans.
  • Females lay from 200 to 500 eggs, which are covered with a glue and hatch in about 10 days. There are five progressively larger nymphal stages, each requiring a single blood meal before molting to the next stage.
  • Can go without feeding for as long as 550 days.
  • Can suck up to six times its weight in blood and feeding can take 3 to 10 minutes
  • Adults live about 10 months, and there can be up to three to four generations of bedbugs per year.

Source: University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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