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Lyctidae and Anobiidrae Powder Post Beetles

The Wooden Hole Mystery Are you finding tiny round holes in your wooden furniture or in your hardwood floors? Chances are you have an infestation of Lyctidae or Anobiidrae powder post beetles. If you find sawdust (frass) that is light in color chances are the infestation is active. If the sawdust is a darker color… Read more »


Cockroaches pose a serious threat to human health. They, cockroaches emit allergens that worsen asthma symptoms and transmit disease pathogens that cause diarrhea, typhoid fever, dysentery and food poisoning among other ailments. Cockroaches are also loathed by most people and evoke a stigma that creates the perception that infested homes and businesses are dirty and… Read more »

Diplodia (Sphaeropsis) Blight – Pine Tree Infections

Pine Tree Disease Prevention Is your long needle pine declining with individual branches turning reddish brown. If so, your pine is very likely infected with diplodia (Sphaeropsis) blight. You can slow the process by allowing more air movement around the pine. Trimming and destroying infected branches and removing spent pine needles and pine cones will… Read more »