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Moles and Voles – Which is it?

Control these Unwanted Pests in Michigan & Florida! Moles damage our beautiful (and expensive) lawns by burrowing under and in the root systems of lawns and gardens. They eat mostly worms and sometimes grubs but rarely feed on grass. However, their burrowing kills the grass leaving ugly scars and mounds. Voles also burrow under ground… Read more »

Flying Squirrels – Northern and Southern Squirrel Species

Glaucomys sabrinus & Glaucomys vocans There are two species, the northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus) and the smaller more aggressive southern flying squirrel (G. vocans). Both species are nocturnal. Although they usually nest in trees, flying squirrels sometimes enter structures where they can cause serious damage to wiring and structural wood. There can be as… Read more »