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Organic Lawn Care – Lawn Services Are Changing!

Organic Lawn Care’s Future Let’s face it, the professional lawn care companies have never really embraced the concept because in spite of earlier claims from suppliers, customers complained about not being as green or beautiful as their neighbors. Things are changing! This year Rutgers offered a class on organic options for turf managers as a… Read more »


You Should Either Have Pests or a Pest Control Firm… Not Both! We Provide Complete Elimination or Your Money Back – IN WRITING!!! WHAT ABOUT INITIAL TREATMENT COST? American’s “ORGANIC” program is designed to efficiently eliminate any existing problems without costly “clean outs” as well as protect the premises from new infestations as they occur…. Read more »

Moles and Voles – Which is it?

Control these Unwanted Pests in Michigan & Florida! Moles damage our beautiful (and expensive) lawns by burrowing under and in the root systems of lawns and gardens. They eat mostly worms and sometimes grubs but rarely feed on grass. However, their burrowing kills the grass leaving ugly scars and mounds. Voles also burrow under ground… Read more »

Lyctidae and Anobiidrae Powder Post Beetles

The Wooden Hole Mystery Are you finding tiny round holes in your wooden furniture or in your hardwood floors? Chances are you have an infestation of Lyctidae or Anobiidrae powder post beetles. If you find sawdust (frass) that is light in color chances are the infestation is active. If the sawdust is a darker color… Read more »

DECAY IN TREES CAN BE DANGEROUS! – Consult with your Local Arborist

ISA Recommends Yearly Tree Inspections A sound tree becomes potentially dangerous when the trees woody structure is weakened by one or more defects including decayed wood, cracks, weak branch unions, cankers, poor tree architecture and dead tree tops and branches. Healthy well maintained trees growing on suitable sites will be able to lessen the extent… Read more »