Michigan Pest Removal Services

Termite Control, Critter Removal, Bed Bugs, Spiders, Mice, Ants, Bees and Wasps, and More!

Organic Pest Control & Humane Critter Removal

We use organic pest control solutions to maximize pest protection while minimizing harmful exposure.


Ant control services

Ants invade our homes and business from outdoors. Many ant species have multiple nests and can be difficult to control.


Bird Control and Bird Nest Removal

Birds love to invite themselves into your home's attic and garage where they are looking to create a nest.

Coyote & Fox

Coyote and Fox Control Services

Coyotes and foxes are reviled as predators and celebrated as cunning and successful animals.


Mice & Mouse Control

Mice are clever little creatures. They love to live in our homes, sometimes without discovery for many years.


Mole Control – Get Rid of Moles from your Lawn

These evil little critters love to turn your lawn into their own personal playground creating tunnels everywhere.


Possum Control – Get Rid of Possums

Despite their viscious teeth and history for making a mess, a possum is pretty much harmless to a human.


Racoon Control Services – Get Rid of Racoons

A racoons unique personalities have made them favorites for pets. However, wild animals do not make good pets.


Rat Control Services – Get Rid of Rats

It can be tough to control rats on your own. Find out how to prevent rat infestations and rid yourself from these rodents.


Skunk control services

Are you sick of that awful oder created by your local neighborhood skunk or tired of having your pet sprayed?


Squirrel control services

As cute as a squirell looks, these furry critters can become a major nuisance especially for people who feed birds.

Other Critters & Rodents

Other Critters and Rodents

Have a critter or rodent problem not listed? Don't worry, we are fully capable of handling any critter removal service.