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Mice & Mouse Control Services

Metro Detroit Mice Removal – Get Rid of Mice

Mice are clever little creatures. They love to live in our homes, sometimes without discovery for many years. Mice are known to start house fires because of their habit of chewing insulation from wiring. Mouse droppings can carry the Hanta Virus if in excess. The best remedy for mice is a careful seal up of your home.

Snow cover causes problems for the meadow mouse population. Also known as voles, these critters are the size of a large mouse or a small rat. They are vegetarians that feed on plants and seeds. In winter, snow covers their food supply which forces the mice to feed on other vegetation. If, in the spring, some of your shrubs and thin barked ornamental trees look weak or dead, check the trunks (stems) it may be that the voles chewed off the bark at or near the soil line causing the tree or shrub to die because it can’t transport water and food past the damage.

Covered bait stations with paraffinized rodenticides can control meadow mice populations.

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