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Importance of Organic Pest Control

We are proud to be able to introduce ourselves as the company using organic materials in our current pest control practices. We are “The Organic People!”

Studies have shown more and more people have negative reactions to pesticides. There is a growing concern that some people are more sensitive to chemical based products than others. Because of the diversity of people in your facility and home, caution is always advisable.

Our Organic Pest Management Solutions

Organic Soil

Our Organic IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program stresses monitoring, inspections, evaluations, baiting and targeted crack and crevice treatments only where there is a target pest. Maximum pest protection is achieved while minimizing respiratory, oral and dermal exposure.

Our position is that scheduled spraying of pesticides, in the absence of pests, is irresponsible, ineffective and expensive. Sprays are also repellants forcing insects away from their original nest, but only temporarily. Soon after, they reinfest the area and the problem begins again.

There is a little or no exposure to home occupants, staff or customers. Organic and natural occuring materials are applied inside wall voids, cracks and crevices where insects hide. Understanding insect life cycles is paramount to any method of control. Our in-depth knowledge of the pest involved will ensure long lasting, low impact pest control.

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