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Bed Bugs

Detroit Bed Bug Removal – Get Rid of Bed Bugs

It’s tough to kill bed bugs on your own. Learn how to avoid a bed bug epidemic and rid yourself from unwanted bed bugs.

Bed bugs are small brownish insects that feed on human blood. They may cause irritating itchy bite reactions and anxieties at night while we sleep. As the name bed bug implies they usually can be found in mattress seams. Also look for small black stains on your sheets. This and itchy skin or insect bites are clues that you have bed bugs in your home.

Bed bugs are usually brought into your home in suitcases and handbags and on clothing and furniture especially used furniture and mattresses. Bed bugs can travel between apartments in a building. Bed bugs are not necessarily associated with dirty environments but they love clutter.

If you travel, inspect your hotel room before you unpack your luggage. Prevention of bed bugs is extremely important because getting rid of them is difficult and expensive. If you discover you have bed bugs call a qualified pest management firm immediately. Do not try to control bed bugs yourself – you will only make matters worse!


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