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Centipede & Millipede Control Services

Metro Detroit Centipede & Millipede Removal Company

American Pest Control offers centipede and millipede control services. Easily identified by their wormlike bodies and hundreds of legs, centipedes and millipede infestations can be a major pain. If you would like to receive a free estimate for a centipede or millipede problem in the metro Detroit area, please contact us anytime.


Adult centipedes are yellowish to dark brown. The body is flattened with as many as 177 segments which usually house one set of legs attached to each.

Centipedes usually over winter outdoors. They lay about 35 eggs in or on the soil in the spring. The baby centipedes have 4 sets of legs that increase to the adult stage by a series of molts (just like snakes do). They live up to 6 years depending on species. Most centipedes are worm like but with legs. However the house centipedes are a buff color and most closely resemble crickets in form. They are extremely elusive and prefer damp dark areas of the home. All centipedes are nocturnal unless disturbed. Centipedes have poison glands they use to kill prey such as insects. They do bite man and can cause pain similar to a bee sting.

Micro encapsulated and wettable powder pesticides will control centipedes in most cases. Be careful to read and follow the label or call a pest management professional.

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