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Cockroach Control Services

Metro Detroit Roach Removal – Get Rid of Cockroaches

The cockroach is a “creepy” liitle pest. Commonly called the roach, cockroaches love to find a way to invade your home. Cockroach control almost always requires the assistance of a professional pest control company. If your home, retaurant or other business has a roach infestation, call American Pest Control today for a free quote.

The most common cockroach by far is the German cockroach. Also called the commercial cockroach, she is found universally in restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores and almost any commercial building you can imagine.

She is a great hitch hiker and comes to our homes from one of these commercial places on our clothes, in bags and boxes or any other conveyance they can hide in.

During her life time she can produce 4 to 6 egg capsules each of which contain 30 to 40 eggs.

They are rarely found outdoors and live most commonly in kitchens and bathrooms indoors. When numerous they will invade other parts of the home where food, water and harborage are available.

Because of their rapid life cycle they tend to become resistant to insecticides. Most recently manufacturers are providing cockroach baits that have been shown to be very effective in the control of cockroaches.

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