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Flea & Tick Control Services

Metro Detroit Flea & Tick Removal – Get Rid of Fleas & Ticks

If you have pets, you are most likely aware of fleas and ticks. These tiny little pests love to make your pets their new home. Many shampoos and other products are available to treat flea and tick problems. If your pets are frequently being infected by fleas and ticks a pest control expert might be able to help identify the root cause and help stop these pests from returning.

Cat and Dog Fleas

Cat and dog fleas often live in the same areas. They are similar in appearance being approximately 1/8” long and flattened, black to reddish brown in appearance. Fleas have well developed legs allowing it to jump 6 to 8” straight up. Flea larvae are approximately ¼” long when full grown and resemble fly maggots.

Fleas undergo complete metamorphoses (egg, larvae, pupa and adult). After each blood meal fleas lay eggs (approximately 400 to 800 in her lifetime). Flea eggs fall off of the host wherever the animal happens to be at the time. The adult fleas remain on their host throughout their life unless removed by scratching etc. They prefer dogs and cats but will live on wild animals and humans as well.

Control requires 3 combined protocols

  1. Take animal to veterinarian for flea bath.
  2. Vacuum all floors in infested building.
  3. Apply residual pesticides with growth regulators.

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